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Easter School Holidays ring in busy travel season at Frankfurt Airport

With the Easter holidays around the corner, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is preparing for this year’s first travel peak. Germany’s largest aviation hub expects to...

European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Approves Security Inspection Technology

Rapiscan® Systems, a leading global supplier of security inspection technology, today announced that its 920CT checkpoint screening system has achieved C3 approval from the European Civil Aviation...

Travel better with children during the holidays

Millions of North Americans travel for the holidays to spend time with family and friends, many with children in tow. Of those travelers who...

EU to end restrictions on liquids in carry-on luggage by April...

The European Union will end current restrictions on liquids in air passengers' hand luggage by April 2013 in an overhaul of aviation security, the EU's executive said Thursday.

Carry-on liquids keep being restricted by airlines

Air travelers counting down the days to the end of rules restricting carry-on liquids – the ones that force you to carry everything in little bottles – will need to keep counting for a while.

ICAO airline safety standards for liquids to be put into effect

Starting next Friday, passengers who change planes or make transit stops in Taiwan will be asked to observe the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) safety inspection standards for liquids, aerosols and gels when they board with carry-on luggage.
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