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Canada’s Aviation Fatigue Rules Less Safe than US

The Air Canada Pilots Association, the largest single pilot group in Canada - representing more than 4,000 professional pilots across Canada who fly the vast majority of Canadian overseas flights, is gravely disappointed that Minister Garneau and the federal government are moving forward with substandard fatigue rules.

Canadian Minister Garneau introduces new fatigue regulations to make air travel...

Canadians, visitors and business travellers deserve and rely on fit and well-rested flight crews to move them across Canada and around the world. Transport Canada recognizes that fatigue must be addressed in all modes of transportation and is committed to do all it can to protect the safety of Canadians.

What Marriott told victims of massive security crime? Transcript of an...

A massive database breach was reported by Marriott Hotels and Resorts at their Starwood brand on November 30. In the meantime, Marriott Security procedures had been in the global spotlight resulting in various legal and criminal actions taken by authorities around the world against the largest hotel chain in the world. A PR nightmare has been unfolding for Marriott resulting in making the brand speechless in avoiding responses to the media.

The 10 commandments of air travel

Delays, cancellations and destroyed travel plans: 2018 has been one of the worst years in terms of flight disruptions.

3-hour limit on tarmac delays imposed by the government

WASHINGTON — Stinky toilets, crying babies, airless cabins — the Obama administration said Monday passengers don't have to take it any more.

American limits passengers, orders additional life rafts

DALLAS — American Airlines is limiting the number of passengers on some planes while it orders additional life rafts needed in case of a water landing like the one made this month on the Hudson Rive

Lawmakers look at limiting recreational liability

Montana's recreation businesses said Tuesday they need better protection from lawsuits because of high insurance costs.

Egypt to limit tourism from Africa?

Egypt is looking into the possibility to reduce the number of tourists arriving at the Sinai peninsula, after learning that a large number of those infiltrating into Israel from Sinai took advantage o

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo’s top tourist attraction, is limiting access

No trip to Tokyo is complete without a visit to Tsukiji Market (築地市場, Tsukiji shijō), the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. According to estimates, over 2000 tons of fish worth over US$15 million are sold here daily - that's a total of 616,000 tons of fish worth over US$4.25 billion each year!

China limits tourists, climbers for Everest torch relay

Beijing (dpa) - China is restricting trips by foreign tourists and climbers to Mount Everest before an Olympic torch relay to the summit of the 8,844-metre peak, sources said on Thursday, as pre-Olympic protests against Chinese rule of its Tibet region continue to grow.
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