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The Holy See and Venezuelan bishops work together to help population

The Holy See and the Bishops of the country continue to work together to help the Venezuelan people

More turbulence ahead: Increasingly difficult times for private jet travel

PrivatAir filed for insolvency on December 5, 2018 – and while its focus was on charter rather than fractional ownership or jet cards, this...

The 10 commandments of air travel

Delays, cancellations and destroyed travel plans: 2018 has been one of the worst years in terms of flight disruptions.

Belgian tourism officials threaten legal action over bad weather forecast

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Belgian tourism officials are considering legal action against the weather service over a long-term forecast for a rainy summer.

UK to sue EU over “benefit tourism”

The Government will take unprecedented legal action against the EU to prevent ‘benefit tourists’ from the Ukraine and north African countries coming to Britain to collect benefits without working.

British Airways takes legal action to prevent strike

LONDON - British Airways is taking legal action to halt a 12-day strike planned by cabin crew over Christmas, alleging balloting irregularities.

ACCC takes Emirates Airlines to court over price fixing

Sydney - Australia's consumer watchdog Tuesday took legal action against Dubai-based Emirates Airlines over alleged price fixing in air cargo.
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