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Thai Tourist Court to deliver fast justice to foreign tourists

BANGKOK, Thailand - Thailand may set up a Tourist Court to make fast delivery of justice to foreign tourists who would otherwise depart from this country before any lawsuits they have filed could be j

Wrongful death lawsuits filed for Italian tourists killed in crash

Five wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against the pilot of Piper fixed-wing aircraft that collided over the Hudson River with a helicopter carrying Italian tourists.

US medical tourists turned away by Zurich hospital for fear of...

Zurich University Hospital has stopped treating North American "medical tourists", fearing million-dollar claims from litigious patients if operations go wrong.

Outrageous airline lawsuits

"It’s been a bad week for airlines, but a great week for lawyers." So says the Times of London, which goes on to examine a series of outlandish lawsuits brought by travelers against airlines.

It’s been a bad week for airlines, but a great week...

It’s been a bad week for airlines, but a great week for lawyers. On Wednesday, it was announced that a couple are suing United Airlines for serving them too much booze.

Battle for largest hotel in Seychelles begins

VICTORIA, Seychelles (eTN) - After the forced closure of The Plantation Club and Casino, the largest hotel in Seychelles, and after the appointment of a provisional liquidator, the majority shareholders in the holding company, Allee Development Corporation, has started the battle to protect their investments.