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Fred Olsen Cruise Lines sued over norovirus outbreak

Cruise passengers are taking legal action after a ship departing from Liverpool was hit by vomiting bug norovirus.

Passenger suing United Continental for $170,550 over spilled beverage

HOUSTON, Texas - A Texas woman is suing United Continental Holdings Inc. after she says she was badly burned by spilled coffee on a flight from Madrid to Newark in 2011.

Qatar Airways sued after passenger struck by wayward drinks cart

A wayward drinks cart could cost Qatar Airways a steep damages bill with a passenger alleging serious physical and psychological trauma after being struck by a trolley nearly two years ago.

Soda spat, unflushed toilet lead to $500K lawsuit against Virgin America

An air passenger is now suing Virgin America saying that vengeful flight attendants had him unnecessarily detained after they alleged that he did not flush the toilet on board.

Welsh tourism official to sue Met Office over wrong weather forecast

A tourism boss is threatening to sue weather forecasters over the "gloomy" reports he claims are wrecking his business and costing the travel industry thousands.

Lesbian couple wins lawsuit against Hawaii bed and breakfast

HONOLULU, Oahu, Hawaii — A judge has ruled a Hawaii bed and breakfast violated the law when two women were denied a room because they're gay.

Are your tourism business and you legally vulnerable?

Travel and tourism professionals can never forget that their profession is not only one that evokes high levels of emotions, but is often open to all sorts of liability cases that range from the frivo

Spanish pilots union sued by International Airlines Group

International Airlines Group, the company formed from the merger of British Airways and Spain's Iberia, is suing the Spanish pilots union over strikes late last year and early this year.

Woman suing Southwest Airlines over hot tea

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A Tennessee woman sued Southwest Airlines and a flight attendant Tuesday for $800,000 for serving tea she says severely burned her.

Fraport, Lufthansa sue German trade union GdF

German trade union GdF being sued by German airline Lufthansa and airport operator Fraportover over a series of strikes by airfield workers at Frankfurt airport in February.

Quebec threatens to sue Air Canada, Canadian government

The Government of Quebec is considering suing Air Canada and the federal government over the closing of Montreal service facility that was servicing Air Canada's planes.

Southwest sued over free booze

Southwest Airlines has won the dismissal of part of a federal lawsuit by flyers in the US who said the discount carrier improperly stopped honouring coupons for free alcoholic drinks, where the coupon

Massive $528 million lawsuit filed by Costa Concordia survivors

39 passengers from Costa Concordia shipwreck off Italy last month have filed a lawsuit in Florida state court Tuesday.

Family: Meal served by American Airlines killed passenger

As it deals with fallout from its bankruptcy announcement, American Airlines is also facing the wrath of a family who claim their loved one died after eating a meal served by the carrier.

Kenya Airports Authority faces contempt of court charges

(eTN) - Institutional arrogance and contempt for the people whose life dreams he helped destroy two weeks ago, when demolition teams wrecked hundreds of homes worth hundreds of millions of Kenya shill

Airlines sue to halt US Export-Import Bank aircraft financing

WASHINGTON - The Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S.

Passengers suing AirTran Airways over roaches

A North Carolina couple is suing AirTran Airways, alleging that cockroaches crawled out of air vents and overhead carry-on bins during a flight from Charlotte to Houston in September.

ATA comments on EU Emissions Trading Scheme preliminary opinion

WASHINGTON - The Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S.

EU threatens to sue UK over “benefit tourists”

The European Commission has threatened to take legal action against Britain if ministers do not water down rules limiting foreigners’ ability to claim benefits.

Frequently complaining rabbi booted from frequent flier program

Can complaining too much get you booted from a frequent flier program?

Teamsters to Frontier, Republic: It’s our way or highway

WASHINGTON - The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), the certified union representative of the pilots of Republic Airlines and Frontier Airlines, today filed a lawsuit in U.S.

Resort developers sue Credit Suisse for up to $7.5 billion

BOISE, Idaho - Two prominent resort developers are suing Credit Suisse, the giant Swiss bank, for $2.5 billion, with the potential for triple damages that could reach $7.5 billion.

Owner of Waikiki Edition Hotel files lawsuit against Marriott

NEW YORK - Bickel & Brewer announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against Marriott International Inc.

US Airways takes Sabre to court

US Airways has filed a federal civil anti-trust lawsuit in the Southern District of New York against Sabre Holdings Corp.

Where’s the beef resurfaces

MONTGOMERY, Alabama - In 1984, Wendy's fastfood restaurant aired a commercial that became a iconic catchphrase,

Sabre lawsuit against IATA dismissed by Canadian court

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) won a major court victory in its dispute with Sabre over the IATA PaxIS product. On Jan.

New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission sued

NEW YORK - A class action lawsuit filed today in Federal District Court in the Southern District of New York alleges that the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) violates applicable Fede

American Airlines files lawsuit against Sabre

FORT WORTH, Texas - Today, American filed a lawsuit in Texas state court in Tarrant Country against Sabre.

Royal Caribbean sued over toxic gas leak

MIAMI – Florida trial attorney John H. “Jack” Hickey has filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court claiming that even though Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD.