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AIRBNB supports limiting short-term rentals in Los Angeles – not true!

Los Angeles now joins the growing list of other major U.S. cities, including New York, Washington, D.C., Boston and San Francisco, that have stepped up recently to pass or strengthen legislation that protects affordable housing and the community fabric of neighborhoods that have been negatively impacted by short-term rentals like Airbnb.

Thai Tourism Minister outlines measures to balance, manage and distribute visitor...

Embarking upon a quality over quantity approach to future development, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports has initiated a number of measures to better...

Live like a local in Nassau, Bahamas

Travel destination - the Bahamas - is a Caribbean archipelago located off the coast of Florida with a long history of colonization.

The 10 commandments of air travel

Delays, cancellations and destroyed travel plans: 2018 has been one of the worst years in terms of flight disruptions.

Fiji aligns national airline ownership requirements with international laws

SUVA, Fiji - To ensure compliance with international law and bilateral requirements governing air service rights granted to national airlines that fly to other nations, the Republic of Fiji has update

East African Single Tourist Visa likely to flop

The much touted East African Single Tourist Visa is likely to flop as partner states dithered on harmonising policies and laws, analysts are warning.

Tanzanian tourism wants tough laws to ensure safety of tourists

The government has been advised to enact tough laws and regulations to ensure safety of tourists which is on the decline, improves.

Neutral Swiss love their guns

GENEVA – With at least 2.3 million weapons stashed in basements, cupboards and lofts neutral Switzerland is among the best-armed nations in the world, with more guns per capita than almost any other

French tourist centers pass “decency of dress” laws

Perpignan, near the Spanish border, has become the latest city to issue fines to people who refuse to cover up after being approached by the police.

Tourists flocking to India to hire surrogate mothers

Foreign tourists visit India by the hundreds each year to hire surrogate moms to carry their babies for them.

Police told to stop questioning people for taking pictures of tourist...

Police are under strict orders to stop using anti-terror legislation to question and search innocent photographers, after senior officers admitted widespread misuse of the controversial laws.

Malaysia’s “moderate” image marred

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – After a series of flip-flops, authorities in Malaysia decided this week that a 32-year old Muslim woman caught drinking beer in violation of Islamic law would not be caned a

Do not drive shirtless in Bangkok and do not pay in...

Driving shirtless, strolling in your swimsuit, or just forgetting to flush the loo: Here are some odd laws that can get you in trouble around the world. No Feeding Pigeons Italy

Are bikinis allowed? Indonesia’s anti-porn law repels tourists

INDONESIA - The association of tour guides at the Baturraden holiday resort in Banyumas, Central Java, has blamed the much-decried anti-pornography law for a slew of recent cancellations by Dutch tour

Tourists beware: if it is fun, Italy has a law against...

In addition to the usual perils of sunburn, jellyfish attacks and bottom-pinching, holidaymakers in Italy face a new range of menaces this summer, the result of the Berlusconi government's frontal ass

Child-sex tourism law not enforced, professor claims

VANCOUVER - Canada is one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to enforcement of its own child-sex tourism law, says a law professor who has analysed information obtained from the Justice Department. At least 146 Canadians have been charged overseas for sexually abusing children, Benjamin Perrin of the University of British Columbia has found.
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