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Baltic travel gem

For travelers, the best thing about Latvia is that it is so compact.

Riga’s mayor: “I’m sick of drunk rowdy British tourists”

RIGA — Latvia's capital Riga is fed up with unruly British tourists who head to the city for boozy holidays, damaging its reputation among other would-be visitors, its mayor said in an interview pub

Representatives of Latvian travel industry don’t expect significant increase in number...

Representatives of travel industry in Latvia believe that no significant increase in the number of Latvian tourists to the United States will occur after the United States waives visas for Latvia, the

Hard cell: tourists holiday in Latvian prison

A former Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic jail for dissidents in Latvia has reopened as a tourist attraction where visitors pay to sleep in bare cells as "prisoners" and to be insulted by staff dress

Riga, Latvia: Enter at your own risk

OTTAWA — The Foreign Affairs Department is warning tourists heading to Latvia to watch out for scam artists operating in bars in the capital, Riga.

Latvian Interior Minister described the principle culprits as “those English pigs”.

A British tourist who urinated on one of Latvia's most revered monuments was made an example of by the Baltic state yesterday and sentenced to five days in custody.