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What Marriott told victims of massive security crime? Transcript of an...

A massive database breach was reported by Marriott Hotels and Resorts at their Starwood brand on November 30. In the meantime, Marriott Security procedures had been in the global spotlight resulting in various legal and criminal actions taken by authorities around the world against the largest hotel chain in the world. A PR nightmare has been unfolding for Marriott resulting in making the brand speechless in avoiding responses to the media.

Research reveals bashful Brits get tongue-tied overseas

LONDON - 61% of British holiday-makers admit they don't try to speak the local language when travelling abroad for fear of embarrassing themselves.

Holland America Line goes multi-lingual

SEATTLE, WA - While Holland America Line's Web site has always enjoyed a global audience, the 135-year-old company announced today the addition of a translation feature that allows visitors to select

Oban stresses need to talk in tongues at World Travel Market

Oban Multilingual will be sponsoring a World Travel Market seminar on From Brochures to Multilingual SEO - Global Content is Key as part of the Travel Technology at WTM Seminar Program in association
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