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Kenya issues bid invitations for new deep-sea berths in Lamu

(eTN) - The announcement earlier in the week that the Kenyan government had, through the Kenya Ports Authority, issued invitations to tender for the design and construction of the first three berths o

Lamu travel advisory changed substantially

(eTN) - It was learned overnight from a Nairobi-based senior tourism stakeholder that the British government and High Commission in Kenya has significantly reduced the “off limits” advice, which w

Maulid Festival in Lamu promises tourism revival

(eTN) - Tomorrow, the annual Maulid Festival in Lamu will get underway, and up to 80,000 visitors are expected to descend on the archipelago in the coming weeks, to celebrate the birth month of the Pr

Boat tragedy hits Lamu

(eTN) - 2011 was a year tourism stakeholders in Lamu will be swift to forget, considering the two abductions from nearby Kiwayu and Manda island of foreign visitors and the subsequent near total drop

Heritage status of Lamu under threat

Shrinking fresh water levels in the wells and boreholes that serve the wider community in Lamu and which are also used to provide fresh water to the hotels and resorts, are causing concern for residen