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Flying ‘A La Carte’: Consumers dislike fees, but are willing to...

Amadeus, a global leader in technology and distribution solutions for the travel and tourism industry, today released a new survey that, for the first time, captures sentiment around emerging airline

American Airlines to offer ‘a la carte’ pricing

SEATTLE - Brace yourself for a new trend in flying that could hike airfares significantly. American Airlines will roll out a new "a la carte" menu, aimed at offsetting high gas prices.

Welcome aboard! Want a seat? That’d be extra.

Airline travel is beginning to resemble a menu at a fancy steakhouse.Everything is a la carte.Airlines are charging extra for everything from meals to music. Baggage is the latest to be hit with a fee. Starting in May, many passengers on US Airways and United Airlines will have to pay $25, each way, to check a second bag.