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Rwanda set for naming of new baby gorillas

(eTN) - All over Rwanda large posters went up last weekend, reminding the country that the annual Festival of the Gorillas, aka Kwita Izina, is now just weeks away.

Rwanda’s Festival of the Gorillas becomes annual tourist destination

(eTN) - When the Rwanda Development Board’s (RDB) Tourism and Conservation Department holds their annual Kwita Izina Gorilla Naming Ceremony on Saturday, June 22, at Kinigi, outside Volcano National

Eighth annual gorilla naming festival in Rwanda

(eTN) - The eighth annual gorilla-naming festival, now globally known as Kwita Izina, has over the years named 141 young, newly-born baby gorillas, with each and every one of them given a name, all of

Rwanda celebrates the birth of 19 baby gorillas

KIGALI, Rwanda - Rwanda will for the 8th time celebrate the birth of 19 baby gorillas and the naming of 1 female adult at this year’s annual Kwita Izina ceremony scheduled for June 16, 2012, under t

Rwanda conservation conference kicks off Kwita Izina Week

A biodiversity meeting, convened by the Rwandan government in conjunction with UNEP – the

Rwanda tourism planning annual Kwita Izina festival

The Rwanda Development Board – Tourism and Conservation, has last week given more public information about the planned activities and programs for the annual

Rwanda tourism official speaks

Rosette Rugamba is the deputy CEO of the Rwanda Development Board and head of the Rwanda Office for Tourism and National Parks (ORTPN ).