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Delta Air Lines adds more key markets for Boston customers

Delta adds more key markets for Boston customers: Chicago, Cleveland, Newark and Washington, D.C. Delta is Boston's fastest-growing carrier by daily departures, and has more...

Damyang: Bamboo forests and everyone’s favorite – bamboo food!

Damyang, located in the northernmost place on the globe where bamboo can be found – on the Korean peninsula – is known for its bamboo gardens.

Seychelles travel guide now in Korean bookstores

A book on Seychelles travel was published and launched successfully as of April 25, 2013 and is now in Korean book stores.

Korean performers confirm participation in Seychelles carnival

Chamart Company is a group of Korean traditional music and dance performers now confirmed to travel to Seychelles for the coming carnival starting on February 8.

Noisy Korean tourists irk foreigners overseas

Foreigners are most turned off by noisy Koreans during their overseas trips, especially inside airplanes and in hotel rooms, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) said Wednesday.

Re-branding Korean tourism

Korea has an amazing amount of treasures that can interest and entertain international tourists, but they are still far too little-known around the world.

South Korea’s airline resumes service to Israel

South Korea’s flag carrier, Korean Air, commenced its first passenger flight to from Seoul to Tel Aviv, Israel yesterday after a ten year break.
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