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KLM pulls out of Khartoum

(eTN) - Royal Dutch Airline KLM has announced that effective March 31 of this year they will halt flights between Amsterdam and Khartoum, citing unsatisfactory performance of the route.

Drink camel milk instead of alcohol says Sudan Tourism Minister

(eTN) - Khartoum Sudan’s Tourism Minister Mohamed Abdul-Karim Al Had last week declared the country off limits for tourists expecting to be served alcohol or wanting to dance in a disco.

Sudan Airways loss of Heathrow slots prompts uproar in Khartoum

(eTN) - Sudanese regime leader Bashir was quoted in local media reports in Khartoum, demanding the slots previously held by Sudan Airways at London’s Heathrow airport to be either returned to the ai

Where are you going, Southern Sudan?

“We knew it would not be easy but we had hoped it would not be so difficult for us.

Emirates goes daily to Khartoum

DUBAI, UAE – Emirates has increased its commitment to Sudan with the introduction of one additional flight per week, providing a daily, non-stop service between Dubai and Khartoum Civil Airport from

Ethiopian commences direct flights from Mekele and BahirDar to Khartoum

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Ethiopian Airlines is proud to announce that effective October 13, 2011 it has commenced direct international flights from Mekele and BahirDar to Khartoum.

Khartoum’s regime threatens renewed war

(eTN) - Stung by an internal revolt last week leading to the sacking of his national security advisor, Khartoum’s regime leader, Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, threatened to go back to war t

Egypt Air suspends Juba flights

(eTN) - Information was received that Egypt Air’s service between Cairo via Khartoum to Juba, previously operated twice a week, has been suspended indefinitely.

Egypt Air to start flights between Alexandria and Khartoum

(eTN) - Following hot on the heels of the introduction of a flight from Cairo via Khartoum to Southern Sudan’s capital city of Juba – now operating twice a week – comes the news that Egypt’s n

Khartoum regime leader arrival brings Kenya airport to a standstill

(eTN) - Last week’s promulgation of the new constitution in Kenya saw several heads of state grace the occasion with their presence, including Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, and they all

Travelers leaving Sudan face more restrictions

(eTN) - Travelers leaving from the Sudan are facing yet more restrictions on the amount of foreign currency they can purchase, according to a source in Juba.

Near miss reported from Khartoum

A Sun Air flight from Juba to the national capital city of Khartoum reportedly avoided disaster by the proverbial inch last Friday, when apparently the pilots of the B 737 ignored instructions to dela

Khartoum regime tells southern Sudan, we will let you go if...

The leader of the Khartoum regime, incidentally wanted by the ICC for alleged war crimes, attended a celebratory function last week, commemorating the 5th anniversary of the signing of the CPA in the

American Embassy in Khartoum warns of threats against Air Uganda

On Saturday, the US mission in the Sudan issued a warning that regional extremists were thought to plan an attack on an Air Uganda flight between Juba, the capital of the semi-autonomous region of the

Fydubai network expands south to Sudan

Beginning Sunday, November 8, flydubai will start daily flights to it's eighth destination - the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, which sits at the confluence of the Blue and White Niles and is a rapidly

Wolfgang’s East Africa tourism report


And yet another crash in Sudan raises alarm among aviators

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - Within four days of reporting about an Antonov crash near Malakal, when the ancient Soviet built plane inexplicably crashed killing about 6 Ukrainians and Sudanese crew and pas