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UN: Sustainable agriculture key to green growth, poverty reduction

United Nations officials called for boosting support for sustainable agriculture, including smallholder farmers, as a way to drive green growth and reduce poverty.

Study reveals adventure tourism key to boosting economies

WASHINGTON - Could jungle tours, whitewater rafting or birdwatching help a country's economy? Researchers at George Washington University's International Institute of Tourism Studies think so.

Finance minister: Last-minute tourists key for Greek season

ATHENS - Greece's tourism performance this year would largely depend on last-minute visitors, the country's finance minister said in an interview published in a Greek paper on Saturday.

First it was a key, then a plastic card and now...

BOULDER, CO (August 19, 2008) - Sustainable Cards, producer of the United States' first wood hotel key card, today announced that their eco-friendly cards will debut in Denver hotels during the Democr

Britain is a key short-break destination

Britain has been described as a "key short-break destination" by a leading tourism body this week.VisitBritain made the claim, highlighting Edinburgh, in particular, as a favourite with holidaymakers in the UK, especially those from the US.