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Tourists die on Mombasa-Nairobi Highway

(eTN) - Sad news just in from Mombasa confirms that two foreign tourists, of yet unknown nationality and names, have died alongside with their driver and another passenger, when a truck rammed into th

Sections of Mt. Kenya National Park ablaze

(eTN) - Information was confirmed overnight from sources in Nanyuki that sections of Mt. Kenya National Park, high up on the mountain, are ablaze with forest and moorland fires.

Attacks on tourists in Kenya leaves one British visitor dead and...

(eTN) - An attack on tourists occurred in the Kenya Kiwayu Safari Village, which comprises 18 beach cottages and is popular with local expatriates, as well as tourists seeking solitude and the privacy

Kenya tourism enthusiastic about latest arrival figures

(eTN) - "We have it in our hands now to make this another record-breaking year," was the comment of a regular contributor and source from Nairobi, Kenya, when discussing the latest arrival data for th