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Kenya Tourism Board asks government for 500 million shillings

(eTN) - Sources in Nairobi have confirmed that the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is seeking an additional 500 million Kenya shillings (US$5.9 million) to fund a series of “recovery missions” aimed to

Kenya Wildlife Service seniors face suspension and redeployment

(eTN) - Kenyans will be waking up to stark news of significant changes at the Kenya Wildlife Service, which is facing mounting pressure from the country’s tourism industry and conservationists over

Mwazo signals exit from parliament and government

(eTN) - Kenya’s embattled Tourism Minister, at odds with the private sector and at loggerheads with the Board of Directors of the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) and its Chief Executive, Muriithi Ndegwa,

Muriithi Ndegwa makes come back at Kenya Tourist Board

(eTN) - News just broke that the Head of Civil Service in Kenya, Francis Kimemia, has re-appointed Mr.

Stung by criticism, Kenya government finally reacts to security crisis

(eTN) - Stinging criticism over alleged complacency and even incompetence have produced the expected knee-jerk reaction by the Kenyan government, which had come to realize that a lot more than just so

Kenya government agrees to sell shares in hotel holding companies

(eTN) - News broke overnight that the Kenyan government had finally agreed to sell their stakes in the holding companies owning the InterContinental Hotel in Nairobi, the Hilton Hotel in Nairobi, and

New tourism law/policy for Kenya

It was reported from Nairobi that the Kenyan government has apparently agreed on the text of a new tourism law, which will, when passed and made operational, provide for the formation of new bodies.