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Kenya President Kibaki’s cabinet approves airport financing

(eTN) - The aviation sector in Kenya, and in fact in the wider region, will be jubilant as news emerged from Nairobi that the last cabinet meeting chaired by President Kibaki has approved the financin

Kenya Airport Authority concedes terminal 4 may not be ready until...

(eTN) - Aviation sources in Nairobi are getting increasingly worried over the apparent delays in procurement for Terminal 4 furnishings and equipment, prolonging the worsening congestion of the Jomo K

Kenya Airport Authority under renewed fire

(eTN) - Pun was intended, according to a regular aviation source from Kenya, when he reported that the VIP Lounge at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa had burned to ashes yesterday morning.

Brutal demolitions mark start of land occupation by Kenya Airport Authority

(eTN) - Kenyans will be waking up on Monday morning, shocked to read about another act of government brutality and open defiance of ongoing court proceedings, as hundreds of expensive homes were raide

Kenya Airport Authority blames power outages on vandalism

(eTN) - The Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) only managed to pour more fuel onto the fire of discontent over their dismal performance of late, when their Managing Director yesterday blamed vandals for th

Kenya Airport Authority summoned to parliament

(eTN) - Although the Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) issued belatedly apologies to the general public and the entire aviation fraternity at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) for the power o

Kenya Airport Authority finally publishes tenders for new JKIA terminal

(eTN) - The long-awaited tender documents for a brand new terminal building at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) have been published, opening the door for international bidding to

Malindi Airport not due for international status

The Kenya Airports Authority recently put to rest rumors started by Malindi politicians, that the airport was due for international status and a new facility was due to be built at a new site not too