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Reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs in Kamapala begins

Kampala’s one and only UNESCO World Heritage site, the Kasubi Tombs of the Buganda Kingdom, is now being readied for rebuilding, following a

Aya brothers push back Kamapala Hilton opening once again

The Aya brothers have gone public once again, this time shifting the opening dates of their Hilton hotel project in Kampala to September of this year.

Kampala Sheraton puts customers into pre-Valentine mood

The Kampala Sheraton Hotel is well ahead of the pack in promoting the upcoming Valentine’s couples evening out on Sunday, February 14.

Kamapala travel agents speak out about court injunction to stop BA...

The moment the news broke in Kampala that British Airways (BA) had obtained a court injunction to avert a potentially-crippling strike over the Christmas and New Year period, the development immediate