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Airline ticket fraud ring busted by the feds

A fraud ring that had been stealing consumers' credit card information since 2001 was finally broken up after a lengthy investigation.

US Justice Department: AA-BA deal would lead to ‘competitive harm’

WASHINGTON — The US Justice Department said Tuesday a tie-up of British Airways and American Airlines for transatlantic flights would lead to "competitive harm" and called for restrictions on the de

Antitrust immunity for Continental is opposed by US Justice Department

WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department opposes Continental Airlines Inc.'s broad request for antitrust immunity to work more closely with United Airlines and other carriers on international service.

US Justice Deparment to look at airline merger

The proposed merger of Northwest and Delta Airlines is to be examined by the US Justice Department to gauge the likely effects on competition.The department declined to indicate any sort of time frame for its investigation.The two airlines announced details of their proposed tie-up on Monday. The merger, if it goes ahead, will create the largest airline in the world.