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Travel stylishly: Jewelry for the executive on the move

Recognizing and acknowledging a new reality, jewelry designers are incorporating the active lifestyle of travel into their jewelry.

Shalom from the city of peace: Jerusalem

There is an ancient Jewish belief that each soul is a special “pearl of life”’, a necklace of jewelry that shines through the darkness of history and adds beauty to the world. Yesterday, the last night of Chanukah, the feast of lights, was such a day.

SKYdeals launches first experience of Inflight Shoppertainment

Thanks to the fast expansion of inflight connectivity, SKYdeals, the first solution of “inflight Shoppertainment” opens the Travel Retail market to short-haul flights. Deployment on...

‘Tourists’ dupe jewelry shop owner

KUANTAN: A jewellery shop owner incurred losses of about RM15,000 after being duped by six foreigners on Wednesday. State CID deputy chief (1) Supt Nordin Mustapha said the foreigners pretended to be tourists as they had newspapers and maps with them when they entered the shop.
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