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A warm welcome for the Joy of Jazz from Joburg Tourism

In collaboration with SA Tourism (South African Tourism) and GTA (Gauteng Tourism Authority), today Joburg Tourism welcomed Joy of Jazz artists and international media to the city at a press conferenc

Zanzibar to launch second major cultural festival

(eTN) - September 2 through 4 will see the inaugural edition of the "Jahazi Literary and Jazz Festival," to be officially launched by Zanzibar’s President Ali Mohamed Sein.

New Orleans’s Only Pain is the Truth Not Getting to Tourists

Open for business with monthly festivals and conferences, New Orleans message is loud and clear. 'Come on Down!'

Air Canada Jazz: The planes will be 25 kilograms lighter! Oh,...

Air Canada Jazz’s decision to drop inflatable life vests from its flights is "asinine," Halifax-area MP Peter Stoffer said Saturday."They’re removing life vests?" he asked. "Are they nuts?"