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Canadian tourist jailed in London for not wanting his Olympic tickets

LONDON, England - Kenneth Gaba, 38, was caught by police touting the two tickets for the tennis in Wimbledon, south west London, on Saturday.

Mongolian tourists with stolen credit cards arrested in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Three Mongolian tourists have been jailed for stealing and using stolen credit cards.

Bringing guns into Canada lands US tourists in jail

Two American tourists spent five days in jail, put up $50,000 each in bail and are facing three years behind bars after border guards seized a small arsenal of firearms at the U.S.-Canada border cross

US tourist gets 30 days in Bermuda jail

An American tourist was today jailed for importing 35 grams of cannabis, used for medicinal purposes.

Queensland cop gets jail for brutal assaults on tourists

Canberra - Australian police have released disturbing video footage of a senior officer's assaults on aalleged offenders at Airlie Beach police station, a day after he was sentenced to jail over the i

Seychelles Supreme Court gives 10-year jail term to Somali pirates

The Seychelles Supreme Court today convicted and sentenced 11 accused Somali pirates.

Dubai court upholds prison sentence for tourists’ public kiss

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – A Dubai appeals court on Sunday upheld a one-month prison sentence for a British couple convicted of kissing in a restaurant.

Norwegian tourists facing six years in prison at home over hunting...

The tourists who shot and killed some of the country's endangered native pigeons are facing a tougher punishment at home than they would receive in New Zealand.

Emirates airlines cabin crew ordered jailed over sexy texts

Two Emirates airlines cabin crew have been ordered jailed for three months in Dubai over sexually explicit text messages, the latest in a string of indecency cases against foreigners, a newspaper repo

A month in a clink for a peck on the cheek...

A British woman facing jail for kissing a man in public in Dubai insisted today that she 'only kissed him on the cheek'.

German tourist jailed in New Zealand for smuggling lizards

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — A German tourist was sentenced to jail time Wednesday after he admitted trying to smuggle native New Zealand lizards out of the country — the second such case in five wee

US airline pilot facing jail for being legally drunk

An American airline pilot prepared to fly a plane fly out of Heathrow Airport while three times over the legal drink-fly limit, a court heard.

Assassins of Lebanon’s tourism architect and former PM released

In an unexpected turn of events with links to a 2006 bombing, Lebanon freed three men jailed for more than three years for the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Indonesia jails five Australian tourists for landing in Papua

AN ill-fated sightseeing adventure has landed five shocked middle-aged Australians in prison in Indonesia's troubled Papua region.

Oregon tourist dies in Mexican jail

An Oregon tourist is dead after being taken to a Mexican jail Wednesday August 27th.

Thai jailed for killing tourist

A Thai man has been jailed for life for murdering a Swedish tourist on a beach in Phuket, a court official said yesterday.

Aussie man jailed in Thailand over tourist’s murder

A 60-year-old Australian man has been sentenced to jail in Thailand for the murder of an American tourist earlier this year.

Jail for tourist

An Australian tourist whose cash ran out yesterday began sampling Welsh hospitality of a different kind – in jail.

French tourist found dead in Silverwater jail

Frenchman who had been in Australia for only a month has been found dead in a Sydney prison cell, after being locked up during last week's World Youth Day for allegedly exposing himself to a pilgrim.

Gay tourists face 14 years in jail

Barcelona - Two Spanish tourists who have been detained on charges of making homosexual advances at two taxi drivers in the Gambia face up to 14 years in prison for violating the principles of Islam, says the gay organisation FAGC.The Spaniards were being held at a police station in the coastal resort of Kotu. They were arrested on Friday after the taxi drivers reported them to police.