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Hizb Ul Terir reveals foreign funding

The investigation of arrested members of Hizb Ul Terir took a dramatic turn when law enforcement agencies were informed that the organization was receiving funds from United Kingdom-based outfits.

Maldivian VP to UN: Arab Spring is proof that Islam...

The political transitions in various Arab countries this year demonstrate that Islam is compatible with human rights and democracy, the vice-president of the Maldives, Mohamed Waheed, recently told th

An Open Letter to the Taliban


Islam and Halal Cuisine is a growing market

Islam is the fastest-growing religion with an estimated global Muslim population of two billion. In many European countries, Muslims are poised to become the most significant minority population.

Kelantan fragile balance between Islam and tourism

Fields with traditional wooden houses on stilts, colourful kites flying over white-sand beaches, a lively culture, tasty food and generally friendly people, Kelantan sounds like the ideal place for a

Will tourism come back one day to Thailand’s deep South?

Leaving the airport, the billboard immediately catches the attention of the travelers: “Welcome to Narathiwat,” it says in English.

Forbidden love on Gaza beach

It seems Palestine, too, has taken a more conservative approach towards local tourists and residents going to the beach, walking along Gaza shores and showing public display of affection.

Define your position on Islam and peace, Islamists tell pope

AMMAN, Jordan (eTN) - Controversial remarks by Pope Benedict XVI about Islam and Prophet Mohammad in 2006 could catch up with him during his May visit to the Mideast.

Malaysia keen on luring more US travelers amid challenges

HONOLULU - (eTN) - Hawaii is a tourism success, which made it an ideal US destination for a high-level delegation of Malaysian tourism officials, headed by Malaysian Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Sa

Malaysian tourism cashing in on its “Islamic heritage”

Malaysian tourism cashing in on its "Islamic heritage" Yusof Sulaiman

No alcohol means fewer stars for Cairo’s Hyatt

CAIRO - Authorities are threatening to strip Cairo’s luxury Grand Hyatt hotel of its five-star status after the owner stopped serving alcohol in the name of Islam.

Keeping the lid on Bali’s security threats

Tempo Interaktif reports that Bali's police precinct covering the capital of Denpasar are tightening security measures in the wake of the failure of the final judicial appeal by the Bali Bombers and on the run-up to the Island's gubernatorial election scheduled for July 9, 2008.

Islamic countries in Asia Pacific to form travel association

(eTN) - Islamic countries from the Asia Pacific region have agreed to form an Asia Pacific Islamic Travel and Tours Federation to “safeguard" the interests of Muslim tourists and travel agents.