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Irish journalist finds his paradise in Seychelles

After a first article on Mahe, Irish travel reporter, Robert Walshe, has brought readers in Ireland another two articles on the Seychelles islands of Praslin and La Digue – all putting forward the g

Why are so many airlines run by the Irish?

The sight of airline bosses Willie Walsh and Michael O'Leary teaming up recently to urge the UK to scrap air passenger duties was a reminder of how the UK's airline industry is dominated by Irish men

Green horizon

GALWAY, Ireland - An aerial view of Ireland reveals the one thing the Irish cherish most: their lush yet rugged land.

Irish holidaymakers flock to Casablanca

DUBLIN - Casablanca has come out top of the new league table for Irish travellers, Hotels.com has revealed in its latest poll of the fastest rising destinations.

Irish airline Aer Lingus swings to profit in Q2

DUBLIN - Irish airline Aer Lingus swung to profit in the second quarter after cost cuts more than offset the revenue hit from a volcanic ash cloud, and vowed to defend its independence by cutting cost

Six Welsh and Irish ports join forces to attract more cruises

Six Welsh and Irish ports are joining together in a £1.2m project to try to attract more cruise passengers.

Ryanair may be Irish, say experts

Aviation experts said that expecting passengers to stand for an entire journey on board a plane travelling at 400mph and vulnerable to turbulence and sudden, sharp descents did have a “flavor of the

Irish tourists robbed at gunpoint

Four Irish tourists travelling in New Zealand have been robbed of their van at gunpoint at a campsite in the north island.