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Iowa tourist officials target the annual gay weekend at Disneyland

Iowa tourist officials have targeted the annual gay weekend at Disneyland to market the Hawkeye state for gay and lesbian weddings, which are legal there but illegal in California.

Tourism gimmick in Iowa: Arrests in the name of tourism

KALONA, Iowa - A tourism gimmick in the southeast Iowa town of Kalona is giving new meaning to the phrase three hots and a cot.

The new gay mecca next door: Iowa may ring up tourism...

Nine years ago, Omahans Donna Colley and Margaux Towne-Colley ventured off to a picturesque village in Vermont to exchange rings and vows of lifelong commitment.

Direct to the Big Apple from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Eagle Airlines, the regional affiliate of American Airlines, today began nonstop service between The Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids (CID) and New York's LaGuardia Ai