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Kingfisher lenders: Recovery measures would be the last resort

Lenders to Kingfisher Airlines have said they will go in for recovery measures only as the last resort and expressed hope that its promoters will be able to find an investor and resume operations.

Tourists and investors cautiously returning to Tunisia

At its factory on the outskirts of Tunis, US company Eurocast is gearing up for expansion.

Seychelles exposed to American investors

The Seychelles delegation, in New York for the Creole Island's First Overseas Investment Forum, showcased the Seychelles Islands' potential to American Investors.

Turkish investors to invest $24 billion in tourism by 2023

ANKARA - Turkish tourism investors have plans to make a total investment of 24 billion U.S.

Dubai conference seeks investors in space tourism

Space travel could get a boost from a meeting of the minds and wallets in Dubai this week when the World Space Risk Forum brings together companies, insurance firms, and financiers interested in under

Will they or won’t they? JAL shares plunge on bankruptcy fears

TOKYO — Shares of struggling Japan Airlines Corp. nosedived to a record low Wednesday on growing fears the money-losing carrier could be put through bankruptcy court as part of restructuring.

Dubai’s debt not a crisis, merely a blip

The Dubai debt crisis is not fazing Kiwi expats who see it as an epicenter of opportunity for career and lifestyle.

Algeria calls for investment in tourism

ALGIERS - Algeria announced on Monday it was slashing taxes on tourism projects to persuade investors that the country, emerging from years of violence, could become a hot new holiday destination.

Germany Trade & Investment brings road show to US investors

The construction of the Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI) airport and the growth of freight traffic at Leipzig/Halle provide a unique investment opportunity for American businesses in both region

Bagong Nayong Pilipino-Manila Bay Tourism City

The ripple effect created by the government’s biggest tourism-development project, the Bagong Nayong Pilipino-Manila Bay Tourism City, would extend beyond the local hospitality industry and long after the year 2010, which is when locations in the project are expected to become fully operational.