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Crystal expands theme cruise topics In 2014

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Crystal Cruises is expanding its 2014 Experiences of Discovery theme cruise program with six new themes.

International travel and tourism to the United States expects strong growth

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) projects international travel to the United States will continue experiencing strong growth through 2018, based on the Office of Travel & Tourism Industries’ 2013

Au revoir Paris! Geneva has most expensive club sandwich

TORONTO, Canada - The City of Light is no longer the most expensive city in the world to order a club sandwich, having lost the top spot to Swiss city, Geneva.

What makes a great beach bar?

Anyone can stick up a shack on the sand, stock it with beers and call it a beach bar. But what makes a great beach bar? Read this on CNN:

Chinese tourists becoming more frugal

On her fifth visit to Hong Kong, Wang Ting, a 25-year old from northwestern China, spent a five-day holiday in April in a room with an ocean view in a luxury hotel.

Switzerland goes after Indian tourists from smaller cities and towns

NEW DELHI, India - As summer holidays beckon, Switzerland is wooing first time Indian travelers from smaller cities and towns offering the experience of snow clad mountains like Titlis and Jungfraujoc

Australia holds its appeal as top world destination for professionals to...

SYDNEY, Australia - Australia is the third most desired place for professionals to relocate to, says a new report, despite economic challenges and the current high exchange rate making it expensive fo

Cuba and Brazil to strengthen tourism cooperation

VARASERO, Cuba - “Our philosophy is very simple: come to visit Brazil during the course of the upcoming events we’re preparing.

International travel –1 billion opportunities a year but U.S. missing the...

While staying at the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort recently, I had a chance to talk to many of our guests.

US Airways to upgrade international experience for customers

TEMPE, Ariz. - US Airways is making international travel more comfortable and convenient with several in-flight enhancements starting this spring and summer.

World’s top islands unveiled

SINGAPORE - The winners of the inaugural Travellers' Choice Islands awards have been announced today.

Mexico and Brazil approve visa exemption

PUEBLA, Mexico - The governments of Mexico and Brazil have agreed to the exemption of the short-stay visas in ordinary passports for their citizens.

Egypt’s tourism minister heading to Tehran “to restore tourism activity into...

CAIRO, Egypt - Egypt's tourism minister is heading to Tehran, the government said on Sunday, as Cairo tries to halt sliding visitor numbers and thaws relations with Iran after a 30-year freeze.

Turkey is a destination suitable for each season of the year

LONDON, England - With its enviable year-round climate, insatiable quest for festivities and incomparably high number of remarkable sites of cultural and historical importance, it's safe to surmise th

Why stay home when there are so many countries out there...

For each month there's a perfect city, and conversely each city can be best enjoyed in a specific month. Here's a yearlong guide to the when, where and why:

EU may drop visas for Ukraine before signing Association Agreement

KYIV, Ukraine - The European Union may introduce a visa-free regime with Ukraine before signing the Association Agreement.

Turkey is wooing Indian visitors

HYDERABAD, India - Turkey is wooing Indian visitors by offering the best of leisure and entertainment and blending tradition and modernity.

Indian tourism to Monaco expected to grow

MUMBAI, India - The Monaco Government, which expects a growth of 25 per cent in tourists from India this year, plans to spend 30 per cent of its budget for BRIC countries.

UNWTO seeks to ease holiday visa restrictions across countries

LONDON, England - The chairman of the executive board of TUI Travel - parent company for Holiday Hypermarket - joined a panel of ministers from around the world recently to discuss easing border contr

UK tourists worst when it comes to speaking another language

British travelers are still bottom of the class when it comes to speaking another language.

Studying foreign language on vacation

When you travel to a foreign country, everything from greetings to requests to simple transactions can get "lost in translation."

New airport hotels bringing technology, design, and style to international stopover

Airport hotels have always been necessary but unloved stopover spots for the depleted traveler, places to shower, rehydrate and let the body recuperate from the merciless rigors of flying.

Suitman travels the world looking wildly out of place and yet...

It’s not only superheroes who have alter egos.

Holiday spots that pile on the pounds

Holidays are the perfect time to unwind, relax and indulge in life's little pleasures, but you might want to think twice before reaching for another poolside cocktail.

Scotland leads Europe in hotel occupancy rates

EDINBURGH, Scotland - A recently released report by hotel analyst STR Global shows that Scottish cities account for three of the top five European cities with the highest hotel occupancy—a 60% share

Irish biker community helps US tourist

A US tourist whose motorcycle was stolen just hours after arriving in Dublin is hoping to get back in the saddle with the help of the Irish biker community.

Poll names Australia amongst world’s most popular getaways

LONDON, England - Australia is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, according to the results of a recent poll.