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Exclusive look inside Virgin Galactic’s tourist spacecraft

Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's company that hopes to be taking tourists into space within a couple of years, has shown the inside of its spacecraft to the media for the first time.

Delta 747-400 aircraft to get snazzy new interior

Delta Air Lines is refurbishing the interior of its sixteen 747-400s, which primarily fly from its Tokyo-Narita hub.

American Airlines changing interiors of its older Boeing 737s

American Airlines is stripping the interiors of its older Boeing 737s to increase the amount of overhead luggage space, squeeze more seats in and add new TVs.

Aviation news: American Airlines’ Boeing 737-800s get interior makeover

American Airlines is updating the interiors of its Boeing 737-800s with more comfortable seats, bigger overhead storage bins, and more power outlets for computers and other electronic devices.

Cool windows, ordinary seats – Boeing shows 787 cabin

Boeing showed off the interior of a 787 Dreamliner parked Wednesday at Paine Field and provided a glimpse of some advances on the 787 assembly line inside the factory.

Interior Alaska tourism drops

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — It hasn't been a good tourist season for Interior Alaska.