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Thai Tourism Minister outlines measures to balance, manage and distribute visitor...

Embarking upon a quality over quantity approach to future development, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports has initiated a number of measures to better...

SUNx & Ingle International Announce SDG-17 Climate Resilience Partnership

A Climate Resilience partnership, focussed on creating 100,000 Strong Climate Champions by 2030 was announced today at COP 24 in Katowice, Poland. The partnership,...

What Marriott told victims of massive security crime? Transcript of an...

A massive database breach was reported by Marriott Hotels and Resorts at their Starwood brand on November 30. In the meantime, Marriott Security procedures had been in the global spotlight resulting in various legal and criminal actions taken by authorities around the world against the largest hotel chain in the world. A PR nightmare has been unfolding for Marriott resulting in making the brand speechless in avoiding responses to the media.

Travel better with children during the holidays

Millions of North Americans travel for the holidays to spend time with family and friends, many with children in tow. Of those travelers who...

Dog days of summer spur rush to travel

The sultry dogs days of summer mark the end of the long vacation period when the kids are out of school and the family can plan a great trip together.

Is travel insurance worth the cost or a waste of money?

Vacations plans are disrupted for all sorts of reasons. Is it worth the extra cost of

Wrapping your travel plans in a security blanket

(eTN) - Both Mother Nature and human nature can take on positive and negative forms, and when it turns not so positive, today’s traveler is not immune to the possible effects.

UK travelers like to try out new sports on holiday

Research has revealed that 7.1 million UK travelers have learned a sport or hobby on holiday in the past three years. That is 7.1 million potential accidents.

Declaring excess valuation is the wisest move for passengers checking bags

Airlines are required by U.S. regulations to compensate travelers for up to $3,300 in the event that checked bags are lost or damaged. But that's only for domestic travel.

New insurance cover for Kenya tourism operators

Hotels, lodges, safari camps and safari/tour operators can now up their insurance covers to internationally-acceptable levels, as a new cover is available through Kenyan insurers backed up through re-

The smartest new travel agency tool

Since 1971, leading travel insurance provider, TravelSafe Insurance, has been protecting travelers with groundbreaking products, benefits, services, and competitive pricing.

Travel insurance company sets the bar for corporate social responsibility

WorldNomads.com is setting the travel services industry bar for corporate social responsibility.

Korea to introduce insurance for foreign tourists

Korea will introduce insurance for foreign tourists next year to help cover their medical bills in the event they have accidents here.

American tourist arrested in Rio trying to pull insurance scam

Rio de Janeiro - American tourist Porfilio Nicholas Anthony, 25, from California, was arrested in Rio early this Monday by officers of the Special Tourist Service (Deat).

Tourists ignorant about travel jabs

British tourists are vague about vaccines needed for foreign travel, according to a poll.

Owner of defunct airline arrested

Raleigh, N.C. — State Department of Insurance agents on Tuesday arrested the owner of Pace Airlines Inc. on charges that he abruptly ended health insurance coverage for company employees.

Two British tourists imprisoned for alleged insurance scam

British tourists Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner are being held in a Brazilian prison known as "Cell Zero-Zero" on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.

Free insurance for tourists offered by Mexico City

MEXICO CITY — Mexico City on Tuesday introduced free insurance for tourists in a bid to bring back visitors scared away after the swine flu epidemic broke out in Mexico in April.

Nervous travelers demanding ‘layoff insurance’

Does your boss raise an eyebrow when you ask to schedule time off? Maybe you need layoff insurance for your next vacation.

Threat of piracy could push up cruise insurance

ATHENS — It's an insurer's nightmare: Heavily armed pirates, emboldened by their success in capturing cargo vessels, hijack a cruise ship with hundreds of well-heeled passengers and ask for massive

Seven Corners announces first insurance program for international medical tourism

INDIANAPOLIS - Seven Corners announces the launch of the first worldwide medical tourism insurance program that reduces travel-related and medical risks associated with patients electing to have surgi

Make sure you’re covered if your airline goes bust

Travel insurance adds a fair amount to the cost of a holiday, which makes it all the more galling that some policies don't even cover the major pitfalls.

Insurers said I’m too old to go on a cruise

War veteran Kenneth Brown was stunned when he was repeatedly refused travel insurance for a cruise to Spain - despite the fact that he pilots his own cabin cruiser, Carlos III, on the Thames.

Serbia is stopping tourists at border

Dozens of Dutch tourists are being stopped at the Serbian border, says the Dutch vehicle insurer's bureau.

Omar suggests insurance cover for foreign tourists

SRINAGAR - National Conference President Omar Abdullah has suggested provision of an insurance cover to woo foreign tourists. Travel advisories issued by different countries keep foreign tourists away by not only advising them against visiting the Valley but also rendering their insurance policies null and void if they do so, Abdullah writes in his blog on the party's website.
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