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Tourism recovery from political instability

Thailand and Greece are two significant tourism destinations, which have had the misfortune of experiencing their reputations as tourism destinations suffer as a result of heavily-publicized episodes

UN envoy to Nepal: resolve outstanding issues to advance peace

Nepal has such potential as a destination that it is pity that the country’s instability has gotten in the way of its travel and tourism industry from succeeding.

Thailand: Asia’s most corrupt country?

Maybe the anti-government protesters in Thailand have a valid reason for taking their cause to the streets, as Thailand, along with Indonesia, has just been named as one of the most corrupt countries

Zimbabwe: The end of a dream?

As Zimbabwe was led down the road of ever increasing violence by its brutal rulers over the past few weeks, the patience of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party and of Morgan Tsvangirai and

Sarkis laments loss of $3 billion in tourism revenues to instability

BEIRUT - Lebanon lost nearly $3 billion in revenue due to the sharp drop in the number of tourists in 2007, Tourism Minister Joe Sarkis said on Thursday. "We were expecting 1.6 million visitors in 2006 and the same number in 2007 and this would have generated gross revenue of nearly $3 billion a year," Sarkis told The Daily Star.