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Latest innovations for the hospitality sector

What will the hotel of the future be like in Dubai?

Icelanders starting to ask how many tourists the tiny nation can...

THINGVELLIR, Iceland — In Iceland's Thingvellir national park, a wooden bridge covers a crack in the paved road leading to the site where the world's oldest parliament was founded in 930.

Refugees, immigrants from North Africa overrun Malta

Malta has urged United Nations Member States to help the Mediterranean island country cope with an influx of refugees and other immigrants who have fled from the recent political upheaval in North Afr

Estonian resorts hoping to cash in on Russian tourists

Resorts in northeastern Ida-Viru County report being nearly booked out as droves of tourists from St. Petersburg and Moscow head to Estonia for the New Year holidays.

Jezzine prepares for influx of some 150,000 summer tourists

JEZZINE - Jezzine's hotels will fully booked with visitors until the end of the year as the southern region will receive some 150,000 tourists, Saeed Abu Akl, president of Jezzine's Municipalities Uni
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