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Egypt abandons plans to tighten visa restrictions

CAIRO, Egypt - According to the state media, Egypt abandoned plans to change visa requirements for individual tourists, after several major tour operators complained that the new restrictions would ke

China-Taiwan tourist deal nearly finalized

Beginning later this month, a maximum of 500 individual Chinese tourists could be allowed to visit Taiwan daily, the Mainland Affairs Council said yesterday without providing further details of the pr

Taiwan reiterates China single-tourist plan

Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chairwoman Lai Shin-yuan yesterday reiterated a government plan to open the country to individual Chinese tourists this year.

China may permit individual tourists travel toTaiwan

China may allow individual tourists to visit Taiwan, according to a Chinese government spokesman, in a move to further open the flow of exchanges across the Taiwan Strait.

Japan to grant tourist visas to Chinese individuals

TOKYO - The Japanese government will start granting individual Chinese citizens tourist visas as of July this year to attract more Chinese sightseers to Japan, local media reported.