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Indian outbound grows robustly

The Indian outbound market has been steadily growing, with Indians featuring among the top 5 generating markets in many countries.

South Korea gaining popularity among Indians

Indians are heading to South Korea, and the opening of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) office in Delhi in May 2008 has only aided and helped this sentiment.

Cuba woos Indian travelers

NEW DELHI, India (eTN) - Only a few years ago, it would have been difficult to comprehend, but today communist Cuba is wooing Indian traveler.The move comes follows a recent trip to India by a strong Cuban delegation s touring India to see how the numbers Indian travelers to Cuba can be increased. In 2007, some 3000 Indians travelers visited Cuba for leisure.

SriLankan Airlines works harder to lure Indian tourists

SriLankan Airlines has announced it has redoubled its efforts aimed at bringing more tourists to Sri Lanka from India, in support of the country’s tourism industry.