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Drunk passengers cause most emergency incidents at European airports

The majority of emergency incidents occurring in airports are related to drunk and aggressive passengers, according to intermediate conclusions of the first in-depth study of European airports, conduc

Are US airlines turning into wardrobe Gestapo?

Provocative flight attendants' uniforms used to raise eyebrows in the 1970s "Fly Me" era of aviation, but these days it's the passengers who are under scrutiny for their attire.

UN: Minor incidents between Israel, Lebanon could spark war

Incidents such as the exchange of gunfire that took place across the Israeli-Lebanese border earlier this week must be avoided, the United Nations envoy for Lebanon has stressed, warning that they can

FAA, air traffic controllers reach agreement on new fatigue rules

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association announced details Friday of a new agreement on fatigue recommendations in the aftermath of several incidents in

Air Asia X unsafe flying investigated

An official investigation has begun into two "serious" incidents involving Air AsiaX passenger jets that dropped to unsafe heights over the Gold Coast last week.

Lawmakers: Ban laptops in airliner cockpits

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers are moving to ban the use of computer laptops and other personal electronic devices in airline cockpits to prevent another incident like the Northwest Airlines plane that over

Namibia improves air safety record

Figures on aircraft accidents and incidents that were recorded in Namibia over the first six months of the year indicate that this has been the safest first half of the year for the country's aviation

Coast Guard says end goal to get to ‘root cause’

HONOLULU — The U.S. Coast Guard is nearing completion of investigations into two separate fatal incidents involving broken masts aboard touring catamarans in Hawaiian waters.