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IATA: Airline finances rebounded strongly in Q1

GENEVA - Airline finances rebounded strongly in the first quarter of this year, as a strong increase in cargo and passenger demand far outweighed extra capacity from new planes, the industry associati

100-300M ringgit profit targeted by Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is targeting a profit of 100 million to 300 million ringgit in 2010, which would mark an improvement in operating terms from 2009, CEO Tengku Azmil Aziz said on Wednesday.

Caribbean tourism looking toward an improvement in 2010

SAN JUAN - After taking a flogging last year, the Caribbean tourism industry is looking toward an improvement in 2010 despite concerns about a British-imposed environmental tax and crime against touri

Thai tourism improves though operators still wary of political unrest

It appears that Thailand's tourist sector has improved this summer due to an increase in foreign arrivals, but operators remain wary of any political unrest that could drag the sector down again.

US airlines continue on-time improvement in February

The US airlines' on-time performance is off to a promising start in 2009, as recently trimmed capacity is leading to faster turnarounds at gates.

Tourists flocking to Bethlehem, Jericho

The Tourism Ministry reported on Sunday that according to information gathered by the Civil Administration in the West Bank, some 1,123,000 tourists visited the Palestinian towns of Bethlehem and Jeri

Improve air travel, TIA tells candidates

The Travel Industry Association (TIA) has called on presidential candidates to issue detailed plans of how they would improve air travel in the country. The organization said it would lead a broader discussion on the need for reforms in the industry and is seeking cooperation from Senators Clinton, McCain and Obama.

$20M going to improve airport eateries

More than $20 million in restaurant improvements are arriving at Honolulu International Airport at a time of bankruptcies and other turbulence in the airline industry. Officials hope the upgrades encourage travelers to spend more time and money at the airport and leave with a better impression.

Middle East needs to do more to accommodate tourism for the...

Middle East tour operators, travel agents, hotels and governmental bodies need to do significantly more to accommodate the needs of the visually impaired tourism market, which currently represents 161 million people worldwide, according to a specialist in tourism for the blind.
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