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UK work secretary: Answer to “benefit tourism” would be “No. No....

Iain Duncan Smith has promised to fight demands from Brussels to "open our doors to benefit tourists".

Refugees, immigrants from North Africa overrun Malta

Malta has urged United Nations Member States to help the Mediterranean island country cope with an influx of refugees and other immigrants who have fled from the recent political upheaval in North Afr

Merkel: Multi-cultural Germany has failed, start learning German

BERLIN – An attempt to create a multi-cultural society in Germany has failed entirely, so the country's immigrants should adopt Christian values and learn German, Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

Flight on this ‘airline’ is one-way ticket home for immigrants

While U.S. airlines downsize and scrimp on amenities, one carrier is offering its passengers leather seats, ample legroom and free food.

Attack on pilgrim tourists reignites Italy’s row over immigrants

A savage attack on a Dutch couple who were holidaying in Rome has revived the debate in Italy over crime and immigration.