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Greek police arresting, beating tourists

Greek police have stepped up efforts to catch illegal immigrants in recent months, launching a new operation to check the papers of people who look foreign.

Illegal immigrants rally in Tel Aviv, demand refugee status

JERUSALEM - Several hundred Sudanese immigrants rallied Sunday on the streets of Tel Aviv, demanding refugee status.

Greece’s waters and mountains has become Europe’s primary gateway for illegal...

SAMOS, Greece - Greece's waters and mountains has become Europe's primary gateway for illegal immigration: Nearly half of European Union's illegal immigrants are detected at the nation's land or sea b

Brazil threatens to slap visa requirement on British tourists

RIO DE JANEIRO - The Brazilian Foreign Ministry threatened to make visas mandatory for all Britons if Britain re-slaps visa requirements on Brazilians.The warning came one day after British authorities said they were studying the possibility of suspending visa-free-access agreements with 11 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.