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With new ID cards Saudi women can travel to Gulf Cooperation...

Riyad - Saudi king Abdullah, who originally initiated the concept of ‘interfaith dialogue’ for the acclamation of world leaders, to promote world peace is immensely popular among the citizens and

CLIA Introduces New CLIA ID Card Rules

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has announced that travel agent qualifications for the official CLIA ID Card in 2009 will include enrollment in, or achievement of, CLIA Cruise Counsellor

Unions line up against airline ID cards

Unions representing airline and airport staff are to tell Home Secretary Jacqui Smith that her plan to force staff to carry ID cards will add nothing to airport security.

ID cards: Aviation industry a political pawn say airline bosses

Britain's leading airline bosses have accused the government of using their industry as a political pawn in the national identity card debate by forcing aviation workers to join the scheme next year.