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Pilots protest flying hours rules

LONDON, England - Airline pilots and cabin crew across Europe are holding demonstrations Monday to protest over rules governing their flying hours which they say are putting the lives of passengers at

Limits on airline pilot hours proposed by FAA

WASHINGTON - Obama administration officials said yesterday they will propose new limits on how many hours airline pilots can fly in an effort to curb pilot fatigue, an issue safety officials have been

Colgan Air pilots faced long commutes, low pay, second jobs

Manassas-based Colgan Air today struggled to defend itself as details emerged about the low pay of its pilots, their long commutes and the need of some to hold second jobs to make ends meet.

Austrian Airlines to cut work hours, salaries

VIENNA — The Austrian Airlines Group will reduce the working hours of its flight attendants and decrease the pay of its pilots for a year to cut costs, the company said Friday.

Lufthansa unveils cuts in hours of 1,000 staff

FRANKFURT – The leading German airline, Lufthansa, said Monday it planned to put around 1,000 ground staff on reduced working hours because of a decline in passenger traffic.

Tourist mecca slams late-night shopping

Gold Coast business leaders have slammed as "preposterous" a move by grocery giants Coles and Woolworths for 18-hour-a-day trading.

International research reveals extent of work pressure on business travelers

LONDON - iBAHN, the leading provider of digital converged services for hoteliers, announced today the findings of a survey of international business travelers.