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Sudan: Violence and hope present in equal measure

Sudan, for so long the focus of the world's humanitarian attention, is back in the news.

Seychelles: a blessed nation united in diversity, strong and full of...

“We are a blessed nation, the descendants of people from different continents.

Masai Mara conservancies may be last hope for Masai land owners

My day started early on the Laikipia plains, as I had to catch my mid-morning flight from the Nanyuki airfield via Wilson Airport to the Masai Mara.

What’s next for Haiti tourism?

Before last week's earthquake, Haiti was just beginning to capitalize on the weather, location and tropical scenery that have turned many of its Caribbean neighbors into vacation paradises.

Palestine 2010 – keeping the faith

TravelTalkRADIO and TV host, Sandy Dhuyvetter, and her producer, Patrick Peartree, returned back to the USA this week, still glowing from one of the most memorable trips of a lifetime.

International visitor arrivals surge again in Fiji in September

In what again represents a solid boost for Fiji’s tourism industry, international visitor arrivals for September 2009 again continued to build according to figures released by Tourism Fiji.

Copenhagen Climate Summit – all hope is dashed

The hopes of many have been dashed, when over the last weekend President Obama and the assembled leaders of the APEC 2009 meeting in Singapore expressed doubts that any breakthrough towards arresting

Amid minefields and barbed wire, South Korea hopes for tourism boom

YEONCHEON, South Korea — Hundreds of colourful ribbons bearing messages yearning for peace flutter from a barbed-wire fence at the edge of the heavily fortified buffer zone dividing Korea.