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A pilgrimage of thanks in the Holy Land

Following the invitation from Israel Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov, 31 of the 33 miners who were rescued after spending 68 days trapped underground in a mine in Chile are arriving in Israel, accom

Palestinians want tourism spread beyond Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM, West Bank — For your next getaway, you might consider this: four nights and five days in sunny "Palestine: land of miracles".

Holy Land tourism promoted as bridge to peace in Middle East

JERUSALEM – Pilgrimage to the Holy Land can become a bridge to peace, said an Israeli tourism official, noting the positive effect the spring pilgrimage of Pope Benedict XVI had on creating cooperat

Religious travel market shows resilience

Religious travel industry leaders at the just-concluded World Religious Travel Expo and Educational Conference report better than expected figures and predict continued resilience in faith-based touri

Sudanese passports now permit travel to Israel

Changes in the new biometric passports issued by the Sudanese government indicate that a discriminatory phrase has been removed, making way for southern, and northern Sudanese citizens to finally trav

Journey through the historical chasms of the Holy Land

Walking through the massive stone entrance of what two centuries ago was a gateway for pilgrims to a hostel in the historic port-town of Jaffa - not far from Tel Aviv - is a magical, eclectic artistic

Now tourists can follow ‘Jesus Trail’

With tourism on the rise, specially-tailored packages offer Christians an innovative way to walk in Christ's footsteps across the Holy Land.