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Chinese build highway link between Sudan and Ethiopia

UGANDA (eTN) - A Chinese-built and financed highway link between Ethiopia and the Sudan was declared open and operational during the week, when officials in Addis Ababa made the announcement.

Kenya’s President Kibaki opens first superhighway

(eTN) - The brand new 8-lane highway, connecting Nairobi with the municipality of Thika, was yesterday formally commissioned by President Mwai Kibaki, under whose leadership the project was launched i

Kenya government taken to court by conservation fraternity

(eTN) - Reaction to last week’s cabinet decision to apparently ignore the license terms granted by NEMA in connection with the Southern Bypass now going under construction and sanction a route insid

Serengeti conservation and highway do not mix

(eTN) - Comments made over the weekend by Tanzania’s Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda did not go down well with the conservation fraternity in Tanzania at all it appears, as comments and broadsides came

UNESCO fires warning shot over Serengeti Highway

(eTN) - Information was received last week from participants of the UNESCO World Heritage Status meeting in Brazil, that the world body has made it clear that they were seriously concerned over plans

Kenya wades into Serengeti highway controversy

(eTN) - The Kenyan government, with the referendum and promulgation of the country’s new constitution now behind them, is seemingly now once again focusing on matters arising as information filtered

Serengeti must not die or must it

(eTN) - Stroking top politicians’ egos is a favorite pastime of sycophants in the run up to any election, but Tanzania is taking it to a completely new level now by stubbornly sticking to a road pro

Are mining interests pushing for the Serengeti highway?

(eTN) - Information unearthed during the week is adding to the disquiet in conservation circles, as unsavory connections are now beginning to emerge of the "god fathers" of the hugely controversial Se

Serengeti highway plans raise more controversy

(eTN) A government minister waded into the Serengeti highway debate last week, when the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism – supposed to protect ecosystems – claimed the new road routing w

Travel industry petitions to stop Serengeti highway

ITHACA, New York - Travel companies, associations, and travelers around the world are asking the government of Tanzania to stop plans for a major commercial highway across the Serengeti National Park.

Anti Serengeti highway coalition takes to the net

(eTN) As recently reported here on eTurboNews, the Tanzanian government appears set to build a highway through the Serengeti to Lake Victoria, claiming this to be the most direct and, therefore, most