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Former ZImbabwe Tourism Minister Dr. Walter Mzembi is alive

The former Minister of Tourism and Hospitality for Zimbabwe, Dr. Walter Mzembi talked to eTurboNews Sunday night  from his residence in Johannesburg after social...

Shalom from the city of peace: Jerusalem

There is an ancient Jewish belief that each soul is a special “pearl of life”’, a necklace of jewelry that shines through the darkness of history and adds beauty to the world. Yesterday, the last night of Chanukah, the feast of lights, was such a day.

On the Vegas strip: Let your imagination RUM wild

The music is on, the cocktails are flowing and the party is just getting started at RHUMBAR at The Mirage in Las Vegas.

When I get to Heaven, make sure it is just like...

"Dear God, Please make sure that when I get to Heaven, it is just like the Seychelles," said a letter posted on Seychelles' Facebook.

A stay at the Maia Resort and Spa is hospitality made...

The Seychelles were always known for their clientele, ranging between the up market to the very top end of travelers, for some of whom cost appears to be of no concern and certainly is no objective wh
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