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The idea of healthy skin and travel does not have to...

Thanks to Tricia Schimpp and her passion for botanicals and travel, a product called Bryce Canyon Botanicals was born.

Diet and Health Specialist Says Road Warriors are not Excused

Please welcome Dr. Melina, Diet and Nutritionist Expert who will be working with us monthly on healthy travel programming. Dr. Melina walks the talk with her no-nonsense approach to health.

Prioritizing Health of Humans with the Absolute Need for Nature and...

Feng Shui expert, Maureen Calamia defines Feng Shui in terms of healthy travel.

Walk like an Egyptian, Sit Like Your Grandmother, and Other Healthy...

This is no ordinary book about healthy backs, it is a book that is filled with information, and a who's who list of doctors and universities who endorse the strategies and findings of Esther Gokhale.