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Bahrain aims to become world-class health tourism destination

MANAMA, Bahrain - Bahrain has taken a giant step towards becoming a world-class health tourism destination, with Dilmunia at Bahrain, the developer's top official has said.

Medical tourism becomes popular with affluent Chinese

Modern care and a bit of shopping is just what the doctor ordered.

Wellness festival becomes must-attend event in Seychelles

After the success of its first edition, the Seychelles International Mind Body Spirit Festival 2013 gets the big jump it needed to become, according to its directors, the world’s “must attend” w

Malaysia’s hidden jewel: healthcare

(eTN) - As an expat living and working in Southeast Asia, there is no shortage of countries that can provide excellent top-quality healthcare at affordable prices, particularly when comparing the cost

Himachal Pradesh to promote health and adventure tourism

Shimla - Himachal Pradesh government is focussing on health and adventure tourism to cater to new emerging segments of vistors, officials said today.

Health tourism spells great opportunity for Iceland

ICELAND (eTN) - “Geothermal water is Iceland‘s white gold,” according to guest speaker Ms. Csilla Mezösi speaking at the annual meeting of the Iceland Association for Health Tourism.

UK cracks down on “health tourism” abuses

Foreigners who abuse the NHS by coming to the UK for treatment as "health tourists" then leaving without paying the costs are to be banned from returning to Britain.

Institute’s shut down may effectively end Costa Rican stem cell tourism

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — Doctors and patients claim it's a miracle cure, and one not yet available in the United States. They say it can be used to treat multiple sclerosis, strokes and diabetes.

KTO aims to double the number of health tourists

Korea’s state tourism agency said yesterday that it is aiming to attract 70,000 health tourists this year, more than double the number from 2009.

Medical tourism is emerging market for Ghana

The Managing Director of Holy Trinity Hospital in Accra, and SPA in Sogakofe in the Volta region, Dr.

Minister calls for investment in health tourism

Tourism Minister, Juliana Azumah Mensah says local entrepreneurs should invest in beauty therapy to benefit from its tourism potential.

Britain still tough on ‘health tourism’

Britons living abroad were caught in a drive four years ago to cut "health tourism".New regulations barred access to the NHS, except in emergencies, to British expatriates resident in Europe for more than half the year.