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Indigenous children in Republic of Congo

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today hailed a new law granting children in the Republic of Congo belonging to indigenous populations a legal basis to access health, education and protec

More Americans turn to medical tourism

Soaring U.S. medical costs are causing many Americans to take to the skies on "medical tourism" junkets, looking for high-quality yet low-priced health care at foreign clinics.

Medical tourism – outsourcing health care?

In an age when more and more aspects of our lives are being outsourced overseas, I guess it's not so surprising that health care has been added to the list.

“Come here, do your surgery. Afterward, have a vacation, visit Petra,...

Resource poor Jordan is hoping to turn Americans' misfortune into its fortune.

Medical tourism – gold mine or time bomb?

Korea jumped on the bandwagon of fast growing medical tourism last year, hoping that it could become a new growth engine and attract more than 200,000 medical tourists in 2013.

India turning affordable, quality option for medical tourists

BANGALORE - India is soon growing to be a popular medical destination following the availability of health care facilities that matched

Medical tourism causes complications

Forty-five million Americans are currently uninsured and health expenditures in the United States are rising faster than wages and inflation.