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Suspicious deaths of endangered Hawaiian monk seals under investigation

HONOLULU, Hawaii - The Department of Land and Natural Resources and NOAA Fisheries announced this week that a three-year-old male monk seal was found dead Sunday on a northeast Kaua‘i beach.

Movement to save Hawaiian culture, burials and sacred sites

HONOLULU, Hawaii - Anyone in Hawaii who has picked up a local newspaper or attended a recent Ewa Oahu Community Association meeting (or possibly another association meeting on another island) has eith

Hawaii development shows no integrity when it comes to preserving culture

HAWAII - Photos of Ewa Mooring Mast Field from 1925, prior to construction, indicate archeological evidence of significant numbers of coral karst sinkholes, which possibly could contain Hawaiian buria

Greenwell Garden grows Hawaiian at annual festival

CAPTAIN COOK, Hawaii - Gardening, biology, and Hawaiian culture come together at the Seventh Annual Grow Hawaiian Festival presented by Hawai‘i Forest and Trail at the Amy Greenwell Ethnobotanical G