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UN: Marine trash threatens wildlife, economy and human health

With vast amounts of marine litter posing multiple threats, from harming wildlife to damaging tourism to loading the human food chain with potentially cancer-causing toxins, a United Nations conferenc

Egypt unrest could harm Israeli incoming tourism

The wave of violent anti-government protests in Egypt and possible regime change could hurt Israel's incoming tourism, the School of Management at the Israeli Center for Academic Studies assesses.

Tourism minister: Israel’s saber rattling harms tourism

Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov has asked Defense Minister Ehud Barak to instruct army officials to refrain from discussing the security situation on the media, "as this harms Israel's image."

Is seniority killing the airline industry?

For decades it’s been a maxim of the airline industry that workers are captive, bound by a seniority system that doles out the choicest wages and work schedules.

Las Vegas mayor tells Obama his comments harmed city

LAS VEGAS – The mayor of Las Vegas told President Barack Obama in a letter that his criticism of companies using taxpayer money to visit Sin City is harmful to the tourist-dependent destination.

Tourists may be watching dolphins ‘to death’

Researchers fear tourists to Australia's dolphin-watching capital could be loving the popular marine mammals to death.
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