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Turkish tourists claim harassment at Tel Aviv airport

A group of Turkish air passengers claimed they were harassed and intimidated at a Tel Aviv airport on Monday as fallout from the diplomatic rift between Israel and Turkey spreads.

TSA stops harassment of travel bloggers, withdraws subpoenas

Washington - Just days after serving subpoenas to two travel bloggers, the Transportation Security Administration withdrew the subpoenas, saying its investigation into how the bloggers received a sens

Tourists ‘harass’ Japan’s geisha

Japan's famous geisha have reportedly complained of harassment from tourists, prompting local residents to patrol the area to protect them.

Concern over airport treatment of tourist

Tourism officials expressed concern to the Department of Arts and Tourism earlier this year about the behaviour of immigration officers at ports of entry after an Indian man who won a trip to Ireland

Israeli tourist strips naked in anger at New Zealand men’s whistles

Wellington, New Zealand - An Israeli tourist who felt harassed when New Zealand road workers whistled at her Thursday stripped naked in response, police said.Workmen in the small northern farming town of Kerikeri were repairing the main street when the young woman took offense at their attention.