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The Israel-Hamas conflict and tourism

For most media commentators, tourism would be considered an irrelevance as reporters discuss the human misery inflicted on southern Israel and Gaza and the military and political ramifications of the

Forbidden love on Gaza beach

It seems Palestine, too, has taken a more conservative approach towards local tourists and residents going to the beach, walking along Gaza shores and showing public display of affection.

The tourism implications of the Gaza imbroglio

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been dominating the headlines since Israel's strike at Hamas at the very end of 2008.

Israelis and Palestinians unite in calling for end to Gaza siege

Last week, there had been some expressions of unity and solidarity from both camps – Arab and Jewish.

R.O.A.R.: Palestinians hold the prospect of peace in their own...

Palestinians are the conduit of their own salvation, yet persistently choose the path of violence over the opportunity to live full, peaceful and productive lives.